Santoor Recital

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It was a celebration the diverse Indian culture on 25th March, 2017, through the art forms of music and dance – Outreach Cultural Programme organized by KKS in association with Infosys Foundation, Kolkata Kalamandalam and Bhavans Vidya Mandir. Art knows no boundaries and communicates through a universal language, transcending ideologies, differences of all kinds and all that still divides us. This was amply demonstrated by the fact that the musicians present on the day were from South India, who presented a concert on Santoor, an instrument of Kashmiri origin and the Bharatnatyam performance was by an artist from faraway Germany.

About Sri Haridas Alankode

Santoor is not an instrument used in music concerts in Kerala or South India. Sri Haridas Alancode, the only malayalee disciple of Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma has been working hard to popularize this instrument, inspired by Sufi traditions, in Kerala.

He began his music lessons in his hometown in Malappuram under Sri A P Bhargavan. Later, he headed to train under Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma. After returning to Kerala, Sri Haridas tried to blend the folk music of his land with the exotic Sufiana tunes, to which the instrument Santoor was familiar. Sri Haridas’s style of rendering is marked by a pronounced deviation from the traditions for the same reasons.

The “Gayaki Ang’ style he perfected on the violin brings its bearings on his rendering of Santoor, lending it an effortless flow that is often missed in stringed instruments. Sri Haridas does fusion concerts with Kerala’s traditional instruments like Edakka and Ghatam. He has also scripted a unique combination of Santoor music and dance that he has named “Ragamadhavam”. During his musical journey so far, he has received many recognitions and accolades.

About Revi Venugopalan

Sri Haridas Alancode was accompanied on Tabla by a young and budding talent, Revi Venugopalan, hailing from Palakkad, Kerala. He started learning tabla at the age of 10 from Sri Sachin Ben. Later he was fortunate in getting guidance from the Great Tabla Maestro of Delhi Gharana Late Ustad Fayyas Khan Sahib till his demise. He is continuing his learning from Ustad’s grandson Imran Khan.

About Miss Carina Langfeldt

This 23 year old dancer from Kiel, Germany started her ballet practice at the age of 5 from the Royal Academy of Dance. Later she started learning Modern Theater Dance and Jazz Dance. Her first experience with Bharatnatyam was in 2012, when she started learning from her first Guru Erika Nandi in her hometown itself. She has trained under Guru Thankamanikutty at Kalamandalam, Kolkata.